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Amino acids are considered essential if your body cannot produce them on its own. The genetic group says when you don’t get enough EAAs from your diet, you may have a deficiency, which means an Essential Amino Acid Supplement or a Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplement may be right for you. Let’s check out how Olimp sports nutrition from our genetic groups can help you to give the best result. Let’s get to the bottom. 

What are the Best Times and Methods for Taking Essential Amino Acids (EAAS)?

Athletes are always on the lookout for the next big thing to help them improve their game. During their search, they may discover that the tried and true basics work best. The essential amino acids (EAAs) are examples of tried-and-true basics that work. For decades, EAAs have been a staple in the diets of hard-training athletes. 

Let’s check out how Olimp sports nutrition from our genetic groups can help you to give the best result. Let’s get to the bottom. 

What Exactly are Essential Amino Acids?

Protein and muscle tissue are made up of amino acids. Our bodies are constantly deconstructing and rebuilding muscle tissue. Because exercise causes muscle breakdown, it is critical to get proper nutrition to help them rebuild and grow. When it comes to supporting healthy muscle tissue, essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the most important.

We take our supplements seriously at Olimp Sports Nutrition, and we strive to offer you the Best Products Available at the Best Prices Possible because we know you do, too.

When Should You Take Essential Amino Acids? (EAAs)

Both strength and endurance are required. Athletes can benefit from taking a high-quality EAA supplement before, during, or after exercise. When a meal or a shake is not possible or preferred, essential amino acids from Olimp sports nutrition can be taken throughout the day. In comparison to BCAA supplements, EAAS Olimp sports nutrition generally provides a greater number of the Nine Essential Amino Acids while providing comparatively less of the BCAAs – Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine.

The BCAAs have the greatest impact on Muscle Protein Synthesis of all the EAAs, but each EAA is required in sufficient amounts to maximize your results. Consider taking an EAA supplement from Olimp sports nutrition if you aren’t getting enough Essential Amino Acids from your diet, and a BCAA if you only want to supplement your diet with the three BCAA Aminos.

We also strongly advise you to choose an Essential Amino Acid Supplement with added Electrolytes to help you stay hydrated during your activity and afterwards. Hydration is almost certainly something to consider if you’re working out hard enough to require an EAA supplement.

Olimp Sports NutritionWhat are the Functions of Olimp sports nutrition- Essential Amino Acids?

According to research, taking Essential Amino Acids before a workout can boost your body’s Anabolic (Muscle Building) Response!

When you exercise or compete, your body breaks down protein rapidly, which can result in a negative protein balance and a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. This has the potential to squander the time you just spent at the gym!

EAAs have been shown to increase Muscle Protein Synthesis, resulting in a positive protein balance that allows your body to recover and grow.

Olimp sports nutrition- EAA Dosage and Administration

Who Should Take EAAs and Who Benefits the Most?

The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends that people trying to gain muscle consume 1.4-2.0 grams of protein per kg of body weight per day. Because we now know that EAAs (along with non-essential AAs) are all required for muscle building, people who do not meet that protein recommendation will likely benefit the most from an EAA supplement.

If your diet is already very high in protein and meets the ISSN recommended daily amount, BCAAs may be sufficient, but EAAs are a more comprehensive supplement to compensate for any deficiencies in your diet.

Vegans and vegetarians may benefit more from EAAs because plant-based proteins contain fewer essential amino acids than animal proteins.

Dosage of EAA

The majority of research studies that have shown benefits from EAA supplementation have used dosages ranging from 10-15g per day.

11 As with other amino acid supplements, it’s most effective before, during, and immediately after exercise for maximum absorption, so mix it into your pre-workout or post-workout recovery drink.

What are the Advantages of Consuming Essential Amino Acids?

  • When it comes to athletes, their main goal with EAAs is to aid in the development of new muscle tissue, and new research suggests that it may even positively affect recovery markers.
  • It is well understood that for the muscle to grow, the body must maintain a positive muscle protein balance, which is where EAAs come in.
  • Second, by promoting recovery, an athlete can be better prepared for the next training session.

Muscle Protein Balance that is Positive:

Our bodies are in a positive muscle protein balance when the rate of muscle protein synthesis exceeds the rate of muscle protein breakdown. A positive muscle protein balance is a favourable environment for muscle building. The researchers wanted to see how EAA supplementation after a workout affected net muscle protein balance.

The subjects were put through a high-volume leg workout that included 10 x 10 leg presses and 8 x 8 leg extensions. One and two hours after training, the subjects were given 6 g of EAAs. Blood samples were taken from the subjects’ legs, and the researchers discovered that EAAs improved net muscle protein balance.

Helps Muscle Recovery

Anyone who works out regularly understands the significance of recovery in reaching fitness goals. Muscle strength and range of motion are reduced after a strenuous workout, while muscle soreness increases.

All of these factors can make maintaining the quality of your subsequent workouts difficult. Researchers wanted to see if leucine-enriched essential amino acids (LEAAs) could help with muscle recovery in a 2019 pilot study. They had subjects do an arm workout and take 10.8 g of LEAAs daily for 7 days. The researchers discovered that LEAA supplementation reduced exercise-induced biomarkers of muscle damage using blood tests.

They have the Potential to Improve Sleep and Mood

Tryptophan, a non-BCAA EAA, is a precursor for two important neurotransmitters, serotonin, and melatonin. There is some truth to old wives’ tales about feeling tired after eating turkey or drinking a glass of milk before bed to fall asleep. Because of their high protein content, those foods contain enough tryptophan to influence neurotransmitter levels.

Serotonin regulates appetite and mood and is frequently the target of antidepressant medications. Melatonin is another popular supplement used to assist people who have difficulty falling asleep. Adequate EAA intake can aid in the regulation of their levels in the body.

Olimp sports nutrition- AMINO POWER LIQUID 500 ml

AMINO POWER LIQUID provides a broad spectrum of amino acids in liquid form, allowing for the quickest amino acid delivery possible. The product is based on PeptoPro. an approved protein hydrolysate that contains di- and tripeptide casein fractions. L-arginine and L-ornithine are two amino acids found in this product. Individual amino acids, as well as other important substances, are lost during intense physical activity. Each protein is constructed from amino acids.


  • 31% protein
  • 12,600 mg in a dose
  • L-ornithine
  • Unit size: 500 ml
  • 1000 ml
  • Units in box: 10 x 500 ml
  • 6 x 1000

Olimp sports nutrition- SPORTS DRINK 500ml-TROPICAL

Sports Drinks with a sweet tropical punch flavour and 9 Essential Amino Acids to help with recovery and hydration by replacing salts and minerals lost during exercise.

Take Home Message 

EAAs are a more comprehensive supplement than BCAAs, and they can be especially beneficial for people who struggle to meet their daily protein requirements. Essential amino acids from Olimps sports nutrition play numerous roles in the body, and maintaining adequate levels in your diet or supplement routine can provide health benefits in addition to improved gym results and workouts.

Olimp Sports Nutrition

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