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OstroVit ATP is a modern dietary supplement which provides your organism with ATP – Adenosine triphosphate in the form of disodium. ATP is a basic cell energy carrier which guarantees improved functions of the organism during workout. ATP stores energy so that it can be used in cell respiration process. If you are looking for a comprehensive supplement for athletes which can help you improve your workout results, boost durability and muscle strength, improve blood circulation, as well as support regeneration, choose OstroVit ATP capsules. What is ATP and who should use it?
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a particle which stores energy used during physical effort. ATP is constantly used in your organism. Its level is permanently monitored so that the organism keeps on receiving the energy required for all cell functions. Additionally ATP regulates blood flow in the organism for improved muscle nourishing. When working out, the demand for ATP grows, and supplying it from the outside may boost functions of the organism and reduce fatigue.

A long-lasting ATP supplementation may lead to higher consumption of ATP metabolites and ATP synthesis through red blood cells, which may manifest itself with vasodilation. In effect, muscles are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. Choose OstroVit ATP supplement if you:

often work out
have an interval training or strength training
wish to improve your results in sport
want to boost power
your muscles need regeneration
OstroVit ATP dietary supplement has been designed for all those who do sports – both professionals and amateurs. One package of the product contains 60 daily portions of the supplement. One capsule is as many as 450 mg of ATP.

Major features of the supplement:

MORE STRENGTH – If you take ATP on a regular basis, you can improve your workout performance. Thanks to increased amount of energy in cells, you can easily raise your muscle strength, especially during an intensive effort.
IMPROVED REGENERATION – Thanks to ATP, you can not only get more power and endurance, but also quickly recover after intensive workout. ATP can help you avoid overtraining and overloading.
HIGH BIO-AVAILABILITY – Adenosine triphosphate in the form of disodium is highly assimilable. Thus, you can be sure that ATP reaches its destination.
CONVENIENT FORM – The dietary supplement is available in the form of easy-to-use capsules which under the influence of water get slippery, while swallowing gets easier.


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