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Olimp Mega Strong Protein – 2000 g


304.80 AED

  • A global rarity!
  • Olimp Mega Strong Protein™ – PROTEINS FOR PROFESSIONALS!
  • Olimp Mega Strong Protein™ sets modern trends for the quality and effectiveness of high-protein supplements.


The foundation behind DOMINATOR’s success – protein recommended by the Champion! 

A global rarity!

Olimp Mega Strong Protein™ sets modern trends for the quality and effectiveness of high-protein supplements.

Olimp Mega Strong Protein™ – PROTEINS FOR PROFESSIONALS!

A revolutionary composition! The one and only most advanced composition of top-quality balanced animal protein, in the form of the SLOW-MO-PRO complex that constitutes 95% of the blend.

The unique SLOW-MO-PRO formula includes all sources of protein used so far in supplementation, and their composition, carefully selected by the scientific staff of OLIMP Laboratories, guarantees that the competition will be helpless in the face of Olimp Mega Strong Protein™.

Olimp Mega Strong Protein™– the deepest circle of initiation in protein supplementation

This exclusive high-protein supplement guarantees that top-quality protein will be delivered for a period of over 5 hours after consumption. It is possible thanks to a unique proportion of six balanced sources of protein that guarantee the complete saturation of blood with the most desirable amino acid profile. The exclusive composition and magical taste offered by Olimp Mega Strong Protein™ meets the requirements of the choosiest professional athletes, as well as everyone who exercises recreationally, and has an increased demand for protein or wants to build muscles.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Gender Neutral


Build Muscle, Exercise & Workout Support


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

Life Stage


Product Form


Protein Per Serving

30g & Up


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