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OstroVit Aqua Kick Vitamin C 300 g

OstroVit Aqua Kick Vitamin C is a dietary supplement which can help you easily and quickly provide your organism with a required daily amount of vitamin C. This ingredient, famous for its strong anti-oxidant properties, performs a number of important roles in the organism and its deficiency may prove to be very harmful.

Dietary supplement Aqua Kick Vitamin C in the form of a water-soluble powder with a lemon-lime flavor is an extremely convenient alternative to classic tablets. A single sachet is enough to mix with a bottle of water. This creates a refreshing drink that you can drink all day instead of water. One portion of the product provides up to 1000 mg of ascorbic acid.

Role of vitamin C in your organism

Vitamin C, that is an ascorbic acid, is frequently used in case of cold or other types of infections. Although the substance does not actually mitigates symptoms of the disease, in terms of prevention it may shorten its effect. Aside from this, vitamin C supports a series of processes in the organism – it participates in production of collagen, fosters wound healing, activates enzymes, increases absorption of iron, strengthens teeth as well as has strong anti-oxidant impact.

Human organism cannot product vitamin C on its own, thus it is important that you take it regularly in the form of food or supplements. When the ascorbic acid level drops dramatically, you may experience distinctive symptoms in the form of general weakness, muscle and joint aches, subcutaneous bleeding, bruises, gum swelling or inflammation of mucous membrane.


  • COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT TO ORGANISM – Ascorbic acid can be used in many more ways than just in prevention of infections. It supports many organs and systems, as well as improves general health.
  • EFFECTIVE ANTIOXIDANT – Thanks to strong anti-oxidant properties, vitamin C destroys free radicals and therefore inhibits aging processes and counteracts tumor risk.
  • HIGH DOSE – One portion of the supplement contains 1000 mg of vitamin C. If used regularly, such a dose will provide you with an optimal level of ascorbic acid, thanks to which you will not be exposed to deficiency of this valuable ingredient.
  • TASTY ALTERNATIVE TO WATER – Vitamin C in a water-soluble form is an interesting alternative for people who do not like drinking water. By dissolving the powder in a bottle of water, you’ll get a refreshing drink that you can drink all day long.
Suggested usage

Dissolve a single serving of the product 10 g (1 full scoop) in 1,5 l of water. Consume throughout the day.

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