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OstroVit Hunter’s chicken with bulgur is a wholesome ready-made dinner, designed for all Polish cuisine lovers who want to keep fit. Thanks to combination of a perfectly boiled bulgur groats with poultry and sauce based on pelati tomatoes, onion, pickled cucumber, mushrooms and pepper, our quick meal can enrich your diet with a number of required nutrients. Are you looking for an instant dish that proves tasty and healthy? Do you cut down on sugars and fats? Try our ready-made dish with hunter’s chicken and bulgur.

Hunter’s chicken breasts with bulgur

Our hunter’s chicken is a high-protein ready-made meal that is free from colorants and preservatives. The product is rich in natural ingredients that support a balanced diet. Bulgur groats offers a series of vitamins and minerals that supports your organism. Thanks to high content of fiber, it can reduce hunger for a long time as well as foster digestion. In turn an easily digestible chicken breast is a rich source of highly assimilable proteins and B-group vitamins.

The composition is supplemented by an aromatic vegetable-based hunter’s sauce. This classic meal from Polish cuisine will be a perfect match if you fancy traditional flavors. Choose a ready-made dish – OstroVit Hunter’s chicken with bulgur – if you:

  • want to eat healthily and consume more proteins
  • are looking for an easy-to-make meal
  • do not know what to eat at work
  • love Polish food
  • cut down on fats and sugars

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

Healthy Eating

Product Form


Protein Per Serving

20g – 30g


Gender Neutral


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