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OstroVit VEGE dish with bulgur and sprouts is a delicious and nourishing vegan dish, inspired by Italian food. Thanks to combination of bulgur that is rich in vitamins, fiber and other nutrients, with vegetables, pumpkin seeds, four kinds of vegetable sprouts and aromatic herbs, our dish proves to be very healthy and valuable. Are you looking for a ready-made dish that is devoid of preservatives, colorants, flavor enhancers and has a low content of saturated fats? Choose veggie groats with sprouts.

Why to eat bulgur groats?

For thousands of years bulgur has been important to inhabitants of the Middle East. Its popularity results not only from its unique flavor but also health-promoting properties. Bulgur wheat is rich in numerous minerals, including potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and B- group vitamins, vitamin A, E and K. If used regularly, it can contribute to supporting a daily operation of numerous organs and systems.

Bulgur also contains much fiber which boosts metabolism, regulates defecation and digestion, as well as secures against constipation. Thanks to this product, you can quickly get satiated and remain full longer. Choose our VEGE dish with bulgur and sprouts if you:

  • are looking for an instant meal
  • do not know what lunch to make for work
  • are a vegan or vegetarian
  • want to eat healthy food
  • cut down on saturated fats

Additional information

Weight 0,28 kg

Healthy Eating

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Gender Neutral

Protein Per Serving

0g – 10g

Specialty Diet



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