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OstroVit VEGE Protein Blend – 700 g


70.48 AED

Product form: powder
Servings per container: 23
Net weight: 700 g
Dominant ingredient: pea protein
Vegan product: yes


OstroVit Protein Blend VEGE is a top quality blend of plant proteins containing almost 80% of protein, created for vegans and vegetarians. Our product is designed for people who, due to their diet and demand, would like to supplement it with additional protein. Our supplement contains pea protein isolate, soya protein isolate and pumpkin protein.

For whom OstroVit Protein Blend VEGE?

OstroVit Protein Blend VEGE – is a dietary supplement that contributes to the growth of muscle mass and helps maintain it. Our supplement is aimed at all athletes regardless of their sport. It is especially recommended during the period of building muscle mass. It can be used during advanced training, but also as a component of the daily diet to supplement the nutritional values.

Properties of the ingredients :

  • High-protein content
  • Branched amino acid source BCAA
  • Works anabolic – help in building pure muscle mass
  • Anti-catabolic – prevent muscle breakdown
  • Source of easily obtained energy
  • Accelerate regeneration
  • Suitable for all sports
  • Specially recommended during the period of building muscle mass

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg

Gender Neutral


Build Muscle, Exercise & Workout Support


Chocolate, Strawberry

Life Stage


Product Form


Protein Per Serving

20g – 30g

Specialty Diet

Vegan, Vegetarian


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