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OstroVit Supreme Pure Citrulline is a top-class perfectly fragmented citrulic malate. It protects muscles from fatigue and helps to regain full strength after heavy and intense workouts. The increased synthesis of nitric oxide provides to better blood flow and significantly better transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. 210 g of citrulline malate in the package
70 servings in the package
Only 1/2 scoops before training
Only one component, no excessive fillers
Citrulline malate
Citrulline is an organic chemical compound that belongs to the group of non-protein amino acids. It is one of the three amino acids that take part in the urea cycle alongside L-arginine and L-ornithine. In combination with malic acid, it improves its bioavailability and ergogenicity. It causes a natural increase in energy expenditure in our body, which certainly will result in heavy and intense workouts.

Citrulline and malic acid in combination create the perfect supplement. Numerous studies confirm its effectiveness, which has been appreciated by many professional athletes. Ideally suited as a supplement supporting the training of strength sports, endurance (canoeing, rowing) or endurance – strength (triathlon, long-distance swimming, etc.). Here are some of the benefits of citrulline malate:

Reduces the feeling of fatigue during physical exertion
Ideally regenerates and reduces muscle pain even a few days after training
Increases the muscle pump due to the increased synthesis of nitric oxide
Ideally suited when reducing body fat, acting as anti-catabolic (reduces the breakdown of muscle tissue)
Improves blood flow. Ideally suited for people with cardiovascular problems
It improves sexual performance in men, supporting the erection effect


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