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OstroVit Testo Booster is a dietary supplement in capsules developed for those who want to increase their natural testosterone level, increase muscle strength, improve libido and overall sexual performance. From now, age is just a number. Fitness, strength and condition are within your reach. OstroVit Testo Booster is a composition of natural plant extracts and minerals that together form a complete supplement. Even better workouts and even better mood immediately! 90 capsules in the package
3 capsules in a serving
Natural ingredients
Raise your testosterone to the natural physiological limits
For every active man of all ages
OstroVit Testo Booster
Testosterone is an organic chemical compound from the androgens group, the primary male steroid sex hormone. Testosterone promotes vitality and well-being. It is involved in maintaining a good mood, increasing sexual desire or high libido, as well as in developing muscle mass and strength. With age, the level of this male hormone begins to decline, which is why it is so important to keep it in the upper physiological range. OstroVit Testo Booster is a supplement that with a specially developed formula will ensure that you never have to worry about your testosterone levels again. Certainty is only 3 capsules a day consisting of natural herbs extracts and basic minerals such as:

Extract from mace fruit (standardization for 90% saponins)
Fenugreek seed extract DER 4:1
Maca root extract DER 10:1
D-aspartic acid
Ginseng leaf and stem extract (standardization for 20% ginsenosides)
Vitamin B6
You will increase your physical testosterone level
Better mood
Even better memory and concentration
Increases libido and overall sexual performance
Better endurance and fitness at training
High anabolism means bigger muscles, more strength and energy


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